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The ‘Offer’ Process

Making or receiving an offer for a home is a true balancing act. If you go too high you lose money on your investment, but if you are too low you can lose money, or the opportunity to own the home of your dreams.

It has taken us years but we’ve developed a 6th sense about the Goldilocks Principle—which states that an offer must fall within certain margins of expectations and reality, avoiding extremes, to win the deal and make a sound investment.

It isn’t just a spidey sense that helps us price our offers and sign-backs right—it is also thorough market research and primal negotiation skills. To put our research skills, negotiation skills and 6th sense to work for you—simply give us a call today.

Types of Offers to Navigate in Real Estate:

  • Firm offers
  • Conditional offers, including those conditional-on-financing
  • Offer acceptance